British or American?

C.K.Ogden, who was the producer of Basic English, was from Great Britain. That would be one of why some of words in Basic English was lettered in British way.
Today the words are right to be taken place by American way.The reason is not because American but because the letterings have harmony with sounds. The words Ryota-san put like "behaviour," "colour," "grey," "harbour," "humour" and "plough" are, in their lettering, not are not simple and are against sounds a bit.

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Discussion goes on

C.K.Ogden, who was one of producers of Basic English, put some lists of international words. I have an opinion that it is better to have a discussion about a special list "additional words being tasted as international" because it has been let be for over 70 years.
On Maling List of Basic English the dicsussion is going on.

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I put my opinion about the Basic word 'humor'. *1, *2
Ryota-san kindly gave his opinion on this question from a wider view.
His opinion is clear for me. Even we say "good humor" or "bad humor", though we are not conscious, the wordings are based on it's root sense "condition of mind". It would be wiser for us to have a grip a of root sense of the word anytime.

My writing "What humor do you have today?" seems to be wrong. How about "How is your humor today?" ?

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Learning in bath room

I got an interesting book. This book is not about Basic English but about full English.
But we are able to be reading in a bath room! The book is made of special paper which is against water.
I have been reading it a number of times.

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