Book on Basic English - Basic English International Second Language

I am surprised that we are able to be reading "Basic English International Second Language" online. I got the book through a sea last year. The price was very high. I had to give an order because it was the last one copy in the online store.
By the way, in this book, a word *televsion* is coming out. This word is not in the list of Basic 850 words and the list of International word.
Now I am interested in a new International Words. *Television* is one of my list of the test words. I have a thought that we may be right of giving a thought in simpler way than my earlier thought.

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Basic English by German

The page about Basic English by German! It's interesting.
How did Ryotasan make discovery it?
I have a book named "Carl and Anna" which was the first fiction put into Basic English. It's root story was in Germany.

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