Do you have memory of old songs?

Old songs have strong attraction to me. I am an iPod lover. In my iPod, there are a number of songs which made me be pleased in my younger days.
I put examples of part of that.
"Tonde Istanbul" by Mayo Shouno,
"Mayoi-michi" by Machiko Watanabe,
"Momen No Handkerchief" by Hiromi Ohta. etc...
If you have a warm feeling with seeing these names, you had same years of mine.

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Three Kings

I am a Blues lover. There are great number of players in Blues division. I will ,here, have a talk about "Three Kings" who are representative player of them.
We are able to see three names in Blues history: Albert King, B.B. King and Freddie King. They are well noted all over the earth.
Their plays are so blue and heartbursting. Specially B.B.King has strong attraction for me. I got his record when I was 15 years old.

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Pleasure of Jazz

My pleasure is to have a drink of whisky hearing jazz before I have a sleep at night. I have a number of loving players. Specially Miles Davis is God of jazz. Why jazz has much attraction to everyone? Most of jazz play become free from a fixed note of based songs. Note now you get through from ears is only one which will never be played.
So, in jazz, it is thought the play before persons is better than play in a recording room.

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Music in motion pictures

I am a great lover of motion pictures. There are over 250 DVDs in my shelves.
Vangelis is one of noted music makers in a field of a motion picture. My best loving his sound is one in the motion picture "Chariots of fire (HONOU NO RUNNER)".

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