Back to my place

Now I am back to my house from living outdoor.

We had one night under the sky in very hard rain That was a regular place for outdoor-day-lovers.

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Walm and wet!

It is coming a day with rain after another in my living place. Walm and steamed air round us has given a very unhappy feeling.

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Having burned meat and food plants in outdoor is generally named *Barbecue*.

Continue reading "Barbecue"

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Side effect 2

At root, I didn't have anything causing depression(* see last record). This was another side effect as well.  I got Hepatitis B by medical needle of regular care for general diseases when I was very small. Then medical men were using same needle for a number of persons. HBV (Hepatitis B virus, virus is quite small substance causing a number of diseases) came into my body through the needle.  HBV was quiet and I had been healthy till I was over 30 years old. When I came to first half of 30's, HBV made turn in motion and I had a great damage in *liver*. There was no good attacking way against HBV. I had no selection other than making HBV feeble unstraightly. I made some attempts to make an attack to HBV. One of the attempts there was a caring way by Interferon. Interferon was medical substance which has great number of side effects. At the end of the list of the side effects, small letters were noted: Causing depression, rating in 0.01%.  Medical men said I am not necessary to weight on depression because it was caused in very very special chance.  But I seemed to be very very special man, so I have had depression. That was worst experience in my living. A number of times, I came to have a desire to put myself into death.

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Side effects

I have depression. Depression is a disease which takes power of heart and mind away. As well it get one's ideas twisted to dark view. I have medical substances against the depression every day. Some of them have bad side effects. By one of the effects, these days my eyes view become unnormal: one thing seems to be three or four over-coveredly.
Because of this I have had take three days off. Straight way for getting out of this condition is to make stop taking the medical substances as anyone see. But it's impossible for me. I am strongly in need of them for care of my depression.
I don't see the reason why the side effect has gotten increased these days. I am hoping getting clear view as quickly as possible.

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Hot spring!

Last Friday we went to Kitayuzawa with two family of our friends. There was a good hot spring. I took it. It was much hot for me but not bad. A meal was very good. It was a way that every roomers take desired ones; generally named "Viking".
I took three dishes of Kani. Yes, I am a heavy Kani lover.

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Taking care

Nao is my married woman. Nao took part in the night meeting for mothers of school for little boys and girls. When she came back to our house, she was quite worse for drinking. I had to take care of her. Our room for sleeping is second floor. Sometimes I get my boy and girls lifted up and take them to the room. But Nao's weight was so great that I was unable to get lifted. All I was able to do was to get *futon* stretched on a living room and made a heater warmer higher a bit and give her sleeping on the *futon*.

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Blues Harp

There is a music instrument played by breath with ten holes. It's named 'Blues Harp'. Blues Harp is my loving instrument. Last night, I took my one and made an attempt to give a play some songs after long time from last playing. I saw that I became very poor player. Now I am training in playing it.

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"Animation" is not Basic word. If you are in need of a sense of the word, go and have a reading Ryotasan's Daybook
From years of 1990 to 2000, Japanese *animation* was in top position between most of countries. Specially, in America, deep lovers of Japanese animation were running round to a number of stores to get VCDs or sheets of paintings of animation.
In earlier time, such materials was very rare and unable to get only in the stores which were against law.
But as time goes by, Japanese animation lovers have got an increase in number of persons.
Now a number of young makers of motion pictures are good effected by Japanese animation.
Do you have a memory of motion picture "MATRIX"and following ones which are made as "MATRIX"s brothers?
The chief makers of "MATRIX"s, who were Wachowski brothers, said they were effected by Japanese animation as well.

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Learning in bath room

I got an interesting book. This book is not about Basic English but about full English.
But we are able to be reading in a bath room! The book is made of special paper which is against water.
I have been reading it a number of times.

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