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Back to my place

Now I am back to my house from living outdoor.

We had one night under the sky in very hard rain That was a regular place for outdoor-day-lovers.

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Outdoor days

From the start of tomorrow, our family will have time in Akaigawa. It is fixed for us to have outdoor sleep there.

It is natural for me these days to be reading Ryota-san's words through Twitter. My old grip of Basic English was that it's hard to give thoughts and ideas inside of the Twitter's limit of small word's number. But his quite edged arts of Basic words on it make my mind get changed completely. 

If readers of my Blog are user of Twitter, to do "follow" after him will become very good fruits for their brain.

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Walm and wet!

It is coming a day with rain after another in my living place. Walm and steamed air round us has given a very unhappy feeling.

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