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Stranger in House

My house was broken into by someone when we were out on 30 April. He or they took money for 2,500Yen and a notebook like computer. Every goods which were in drawers were put on a floor with wide distribution.
Our damage was not so serious. But I have to say about the broken window glass. They made a small hole at a position of a lock. Two days later a glass maker came to us and made a measure the broken glass. He made out an account. The paper says we are in need of 120,000Yen to get taken the place broken glass in to new one. As an outcome, broken glass was a highest-priced damage. I had better to keep the lock off?

By the way I am getting fire-insurance for my house.  In my knowledge a fire-insurance makes payment only for damage because of fire. But my house builder made me take note that even if it's by a property-taker, broken glass will be covered by fire-insurance. He said it will be good idea that I make a telephone to insurance company as an attempt.  And the company responsible man said they will make payment for the changing the glass to new one.  Now I am a little happy.  The builder said a number of fire-insurance users doesn't have knowledge about this, and makes payment by themselves without questioning a company.

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