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Side effect 2

At root, I didn't have anything causing depression(* see last record). This was another side effect as well.  I got Hepatitis B by medical needle of regular care for general diseases when I was very small. Then medical men were using same needle for a number of persons. HBV (Hepatitis B virus, virus is quite small substance causing a number of diseases) came into my body through the needle.  HBV was quiet and I had been healthy till I was over 30 years old. When I came to first half of 30's, HBV made turn in motion and I had a great damage in *liver*. There was no good attacking way against HBV. I had no selection other than making HBV feeble unstraightly. I made some attempts to make an attack to HBV. One of the attempts there was a caring way by Interferon. Interferon was medical substance which has great number of side effects. At the end of the list of the side effects, small letters were noted: Causing depression, rating in 0.01%.  Medical men said I am not necessary to weight on depression because it was caused in very very special chance.  But I seemed to be very very special man, so I have had depression. That was worst experience in my living. A number of times, I came to have a desire to put myself into death.


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