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Blues Harp

There is a music instrument played by breath with ten holes. It's named 'Blues Harp'. Blues Harp is my loving instrument. Last night, I took my one and made an attempt to give a play some songs after long time from last playing. I saw that I became very poor player. Now I am training in playing it.


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「Day Record」カテゴリの記事


Dear Mr. Ohyama,
I am pleased to have the news that you made a start of playing your 'Ten-holes' again. Long time back, you gave me the detailed suggestion on how to
make 'bend' and 'fake' etc. and in addition you gave me a knowledge that there is a new sort of 'Ten-holes'
named Hohner XB-40 with which I may probably be able to make a fake at any hole. But I have not got it so far
because I got first the Hohner's Chromatic: Chromonica-270.
As I am still quite a new comer of 'Blues-harp", I have a desire to do my self-training of Marine Band
and Major Boy for the time being.

Posted by: H. Tsubota | 03/18/2007 at 00:07

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