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This is a certain story in some time of far future.

A science man got a grip of a radio wave from a very far star. Such event was no surprising because great number of radio waves are coming from space every day. But the wave was special. There was some order in the wave. This says the wave is man-made one.

The language sense was unable to see. But this was a first touch to animals which has power of thought out of the earth in men's history.

Science men made a decision to make a space ship and send it to the star with a space flight expert in order to make friends with the space animal.

For any events as possible as seeing probable, a great numbers of instruments of apparatus got ready for the flight man.

The all things were put into the ship. And the ship was ready to make a start to a long journey.

Right at the time, some school teacher had come running to a control room for
the ship. He said loudly
"There is still needed thing which is very important! Don't go without it!"
A great numbers of science men said to him
"There's no more thing to be needed. We had a quite number of discussions with serious
attention. All opinions got on the table of discussion and we completely got together the instruments and apparatus in order to get in touch with the space animal which has a high level brain. It's kind of you to be interested in possible troubles. But it's in no

The teacher said "But your design map is uncompleted. It doesn't have most important thing."
And he put his hand forward. On the hand, there was a book.

A name of the book was put on the front cover: "English through pictures"

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