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About my work for Ph.D

You will see bits if a some solid body is broken. The bit is named "particle" in industry, not dependent on its size or form. Yes, a rock greater than your head is a particle and, as well, a bit of bread powder is a particle and a brick of a house is a particle.

Sometimes particles are material of goods. For example your cup is made of very small particles of some special rock. So an operation of particles is important in industry. How to get particles transported from one vessel to another vessel? How to get two sorts of particle mixed completely? There are a number of questions in industry plants.

By the way You might have a Miso-soup in a morning meal. Please see the very warm soup with much care. There have to be a running move of the liquid in the soup. Or please have an attempt to put rice and small seeds into a glass. And put a stick into a glass and get them mixed slowly by the stick. You will see completely separated rice and seeds.
All of them take place by attraction force of the earth. The force is named "G". Yes, Newton who is the a very high named science man made a discovery the force.
The force sometimes makes science men or plant men be troubled. If you have a desire to get completely levelled goods, the force becomes a bad wall you have to go through.

Now a great space station is on its way of being made by U.S.A , EU, Russia and Japan. After it is completed, a great number of testing in very wide science divisions are designed. Experts have a view space plants will be made in near future because, in space, we are able to make very high-priced material, special medical powder, which is impossible to get on the earth, under Zero-G.

My interests go to the operations of particles in such the plants. I took up the transporting of particles among a number of particle operations. In this work, my particle size is about 360 micro meter.
I made a decision to put the end which I have steps forward to on development of new way of transporting particles under Zero-G. As driving force for the transporting, I made use of shaking the way of particlesEXP01 going forward. But nobody have had tests using particles under Zero-G on the earth till now. So I had to make a start to get knowledge about behaviors of particles under Zero-G. The picture you see right of this writings is one of my apparatus. I made 5 or 6 apparatus through the Ph.D work.

970106jamicWe are able to get Zero-G condition without going to space. It is a free fall.
There are two way of getting Zero-G. One is an special operation to let down a build iron body which have testing apparatus in it. The picture you see left is the great iron body.
Another is the way of using an air-plane which is free falling with making a stop of its engine. The picture you see lower is me getting the apparatus ready. This is a little danger test because a stopping engine on way of flights is out of design of the plane. So the flights of our plane were done over the sea far from Nagoya or Ishikawa to give no trouble to the towns if we go down without any control for the plane.
Through these tests I had a grip of the behaviors of shaked particles under Zero-G.
And I made a design of a new machine driving particles to desired way by shaking force. psn00019

I made truly the machine and had tests by the free falling air-plane. The outcome said my idea was right.
Zero-G test we have done has a number of limits on the apparatus' size or time of Zero-G and so on.
So I made tests on computer programs for supporting the outcomes of true tests.
The programs gave me more knowledge.

And I have made a development of the new machine working in space.


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