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We are facing a great number of things, thoughts or events everyday. When I become awake and get up in the morning, I will be facing my daughters and a son. I will get my arms round their body with love. It is winter. While I make my automobile run, I have to be facing slipping icing road.tree I am facing a number of sort of questions at work. I make them clear one by one. Suddenly my head officer has a desire to see me.
I go to his room. and I have a short time facing his room's door. What does he see me for?
He said a leaves of papers which I gave him last week is no good and make it again.
Backing to my seat, I am facing the paper. It seems to be complete. Where is bad point?
It becomes near a night time. Today I don't have a power of mind to make the paper again any more.
I make a stop to be facing the paper. And I go back to my house. Facing a door, I make a bell go off.
Sound of unlock the door comes to my ear and it is opened.
I am facing my little girls and son.The view is very peace and I am happy.


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