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"Animation" is not Basic word. If you are in need of a sense of the word, go and have a reading Ryotasan's Daybook
From years of 1990 to 2000, Japanese *animation* was in top position between most of countries. Specially, in America, deep lovers of Japanese animation were running round to a number of stores to get VCDs or sheets of paintings of animation.
In earlier time, such materials was very rare and unable to get only in the stores which were against law.
But as time goes by, Japanese animation lovers have got an increase in number of persons.
Now a number of young makers of motion pictures are good effected by Japanese animation.
Do you have a memory of motion picture "MATRIX"and following ones which are made as "MATRIX"s brothers?
The chief makers of "MATRIX"s, who were Wachowski brothers, said they were effected by Japanese animation as well.


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