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Stagecoach is a noted motion picture. It was opened as "EKIBASHA" in Japan.
John Wayne, who was representative actor then, was playing a chief person.
The cut that their cart was running away from Indians, firing guns to the Indians, makes our heart shaked and has great attraction. In my thought, this motion picture is not old.


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Motion Picture」カテゴリの記事


I am happy to have a read of Tsuchiya-san's saying here. As you say this is true MOTION picture. The another name of the motion picture in Basic is good.

Posted by: Yasushi | 04/21/2005 08:10

I had a good time seeing the motion-picture named STAGECOACH in television, when I was young. The quick regular steps made by the running horses is sounding still in my ears. And John was moving like a circus-man, was he? This work may be a MOTION picture in the true sense of the word. By the way, If the full English name of the motion picture were changed into Basic, it will go like this: a carriage pulled by horses for persons journeying.

Posted by: tsuchiya | 04/20/2005 08:55

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