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British or American?

C.K.Ogden, who was the producer of Basic English, was from Great Britain. That would be one of why some of words in Basic English was lettered in British way.
Today the words are right to be taken place by American way.The reason is not because American but because the letterings have harmony with sounds. The words Ryota-san put like "behaviour," "colour," "grey," "harbour," "humour" and "plough" are, in their lettering, not are not simple and are against sounds a bit.

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Stagecoach is a noted motion picture. It was opened as "EKIBASHA" in Japan.
John Wayne, who was representative actor then, was playing a chief person.
The cut that their cart was running away from Indians, firing guns to the Indians, makes our heart shaked and has great attraction. In my thought, this motion picture is not old.

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Discussion goes on

C.K.Ogden, who was one of producers of Basic English, put some lists of international words. I have an opinion that it is better to have a discussion about a special list "additional words being tasted as international" because it has been let be for over 70 years.
On Maling List of Basic English the dicsussion is going on.

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Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of my loving actors of motion picture. A great number of persons say her best motion picture is "Roman Holiday". I am not against it. Even though that was her first work, She did a act of Princess completely.
But for me, "Charade" is the best. This work has amount of pleasure of a motion picture: love and danger and trick.

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Music in motion pictures

I am a great lover of motion pictures. There are over 250 DVDs in my shelves.
Vangelis is one of noted music makers in a field of a motion picture. My best loving his sound is one in the motion picture "Chariots of fire (HONOU NO RUNNER)".

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I put my opinion about the Basic word 'humor'. *1, *2
Ryota-san kindly gave his opinion on this question from a wider view.
His opinion is clear for me. Even we say "good humor" or "bad humor", though we are not conscious, the wordings are based on it's root sense "condition of mind". It would be wiser for us to have a grip a of root sense of the word anytime.

My writing "What humor do you have today?" seems to be wrong. How about "How is your humor today?" ?

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Learning in bath room

I got an interesting book. This book is not about Basic English but about full English.
But we are able to be reading in a bath room! The book is made of special paper which is against water.
I have been reading it a number of times.

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The girl's father

I have Hepatitis B. The father of the little girl, brother in law, has Hepatitis C. He was in need of getting medical care by needling of Interferon once a week.
By the care, he had serious bad side-effects every time, like high heat of body and pains of joining parts of arms and legs. So he had to take a day-off every week. One day his chief said to him "We have to say that our desire is you put an end to the work. You aren't in need of coming from today.

So cold...cold company.

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Little girl

Now a daughter of a sister of my married woman came to and be in my house. She is twelve years old. She will be here for 5 or 6 days. I am pleased to be with her.
She makes a start her Junior Hight School program this April. I am going to take her to downtown and get a number of Compact Discs which she has a desire to have with her.

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