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Black Sheep (2)

2. Money

The end of Tom's highschool days came. Normally all of poor black boys like him got a work after the end of a highschool. Nobody had a thought to go to a college because the boys were necessary to get money for their family. Going a college was a waste of time for them. In addition, to go to a college is needed of great amount of money.
Suzan had a thought that, if Tom was able to go to a college, he would have a very different days of living from her or all of poor blacks rounding them. She had been looking for the way to get enough money to send Tom to a college. But, from her work, it's very hard to make the great money.

A certain idea came into Suzan's mind. Someday she went and saw a medical man who was untrue and working out of law. His house or medical instruments was very unclean and far from a right hospital. She got a medical operation by him and gave him one of her *kidneys*. She got 5,000 dollars in exchange.
Tom came back to house from the highschool, and saw Suzan getting stretched on a bed. Her body was shaking.
"Oh, you seem to be ill. What is wrong, Mom?" said Tom.
"Nothing. I am only tired a bit."
"But I have very unquiet feeling to see you."
"No. Don't be serious, my boy. By the way, see the inside of the paper bag on the table."
Doing as she said, Tom was surprised to see great money.
"What's this !?"
"That is for you to go to a college," said Suzan.
"How did you get such great money, Mom?"
"It's not your business, my sweet. From tomorrow you have a number of things to do. Do the paper works for going in a college."
Tom was pleased very much.
"College? Am I able to go?" Suzan was very happy as well, seeing Tom.


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