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Black Sheep (1)

Black Sheep (This is a fiction based on the round condition of deep south America in 70's)

1. Tom and Suzan

This story is Tom Gibson was a black boy. Tom had no memory of his father. Tom's mother Suzan said to him that his father put her and Tom back and went away to somewhere when Tom was 3. n
Tom and Suzan were living in a poor town of Richmond in Virginia, USA. Virginia was a representative south American State. In Richmond, there was a great division of persons into two by a skin color. Black persons are unable to go in a number of restaurants or stores and get a good work and be forced to be poor livings.
Suzan was unable to have a chance of getting a fixed work and they were so poor that they had no meal in a day sometimes. Tom went about a middle of Richmond sometimes and take some foods out of dust at a backdoor of a restaurant. When he went back to his house with the foods, Suzan said "Oh my kind boy," but her face was sad every time.
She had very strong and stiff desire that Tom will get out of the poor living and be happy. She said to Tom time after time, "Tommy boy, you have to have power of heart against any sort of walls and have a walk in a light side by sun of a street in your living days. Take a look round you and make discovery something which is better than others in yourself. You're so special. You're my light of hope."

From he was a little boy, he had had street fights almost everyday. He was shorter than other boys. He was not strong at a fight but very good at running away. His run was so good that nobody was able to take him.
He was not only an everyday fighter but a good learner in a school. By Virginia government's system, till the end of a highschool, no money was needed for learning. That's why he was able to going to school though his family was seriously poor.

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